Research Module M.Sc.: Development and implementation of the Java library JTreeSS to apply externally defined tree styles to phylogenetic trees

Status finished on Aug 16, 2019
Student Schmitt, Charlotte
Supervisors Stöver, Ben
Müller, Kai
Accepting institution Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants
Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity
WWU Münster
Hüfferstraße 1
48149 Münster


TreeSS is a style sheet language similar to CSS to format phylogenetic trees that is currently under development. JTreeSS is a Java library that is currently developed to provide TreeSS support for the phylogenetic tree editor TreeGraph 2. The goal is to create Java components that can read, write and interpret TreeSS to make its functionality reusable also for other application developers who whish to support TreeSS.

In this research module first functionality of the new library was be implemented.