Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants

Flowers of Pinguicula longifolia
Pinguicula longifolia. Photo: W. Barthlott.

The group Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants (chair Kai Müller) was established in 2009, as one of the five major groups in the Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity at WWU. It deals with the evolution of plant biodiversity. Using phylogenetic reconstructions based on molecular data, we contribute to new plant classifications as a means of communication in the whole field of biology. In addition, we test hypotheses on spatial and temporal diversification and key innovations of several angiosperm groups. One current focus are carnivorous plants in the order Lamiales: here, chloroplast genome evolution and the observed nuclear genome miniaturization are among the main research topics. In the context of these subjects, we also contribute to bioinformatic method and software development.

Version 3.4.0 of bioinfweb.commons.java released

A new version of our Java library bioinfweb.commons has been released. It consists of different modules to be used in bioinformatics or in a general purpose that are made available under GNU LGPL 3.

Software developed in our group presented at the WWU reproducible research workshop

We presented how our software components help to improve reproducibility of scientific workflows at a workshop organized by the WWU "Opening Reproducible Research" project (o2r) team.

This press release provides an overview on the results of the workshop.

Version 1.0.0 of JPhyloIO released

A new version of our library for reading and writing of phylogenetic file formats through one event-based interface was released.

The initial feature set is now complete and JPhyloIO is now available for public production use under the major version number 1.